M Disc Golf offers turn key solutions for clients who want a disc golf course but are restricted by land size and budgets. We offer all types of beginner friendly, family friendly, Micro, Putting and Par-3 recreational courses.

What is Micro Disc Golf?

  • Easy all-in-one product which includes Equipment and Design.
  • Course is installed on a small piece of land (1-10 acres).
  • Serves as a “beginner”or shorter fun course for players to learn the game and develop their skills (3 to 18 holes).
  • Custom design available and standard design included.
  • Serves existing private landowners, business owners with 1+acre of land, vineyards, HOA’s, sporting venues, schools, resorts, golf clubs, and public parks, or anyone desiring a course.
  • Great choice to introduce, enjoy and have fun. Great for all levels of players.
  • Temporary or Permanent courses.
  • Increase sales for your other business. Great ROI. 
  • Easy to install or can arrange installation.

How it Benefits Our Clients

  • Great option for increasing attendance or revenue for an event or venue.
  • Entices new players to try disc golf because it is less intimidating.
  • Newest, less expensive way to introduce the game of disc golf.
  • Tests the demand for a recreational or professional level course.
  • Ensures quality design and design innovations through HouckDesign, the sport’s premier design firm.
  • Great for mental and physical benefits to seniors, children, teen-agers, women, and families.
  • Demonstrations and Clinic services available to increase usage.
  • Great activity to offer through temporary courses set up at private parties, concerts, grand openings, etc.

Our Purpose

Disc Golf for all -- for outdoor fun and healthier lives.

Our Mission

We offer temporary and permanent beginner disc golf courses on smaller properties at affordable prices so more people can enjoy the benefits of disc golf.

Our Vision

Creating healthier lives and access for disc golf globally through well-designed
Micro Disc Golf Courses, putting course or a par-3 recreational course.

Our Goals

  • Provide an inexpensive and easy way to install Micro Disc Golf course, putting course or a par-3 recreational course to anyone who is limited by land size or budget.
  • Offer sustainable and smart custom solutions to our clients for their land through Micro Disc Golf Courses, putting course or a par-3 recreational course.
  • Create access for disc golf where disc golf could not grow before through a permanent or a temporary course.
  • Give our clients greater opportunity for success from designers who follow principles from the sport's leading design firm, HouckDesign.

Who Needs a Micro Disc Golf Course?

Everyone who wants to offer disc golf in their community or venue can purchase a Micro Disc Golf Course, putting course or a par-3 recreational course which will have all the equipment, directions on installation, and the design for that specific piece of land. The course design will fit the land available. Micro Disc Golf Courses is offering a variety of packages which will fit the individual need and budget of our clients. We offer several levels of equipment and services to custom fit your land.

Now anyone can enjoy disc golf on their property, park, school, resort, or venue! You need at least one acre of dedicated land. Email us today to get a quote or call us at 737-262-5550

What is Included?

We offer all the major items you need to install your own Micro Disc Golf Course, putting course or a par-3 recreational course. We will provide you all the direction to install and a design. In some areas we offer installation too.

We also offer design consulting on the phone for a fee at a reasonable rate. We offer upgrades to existing packages and additional disc golf items for you to increase revenue for your venue.

Custom designs with designers on-site are offered through a team of designers trained by Houck Design and those who follow the principles of design created and taught by John Houck, HouckDesign, the sport's leading designer. We create smarter and safer designs.

We even offer business consulting, tournament hosting services, clinics, disc golf lessons, and much more for temporary and permanent Micro Disc Golf Courses, putting course or a par-3 recreational course.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of the basic level course could start at $4,000 for 3 Holes for a standard design and depends on how large your property is and what type of course is possible. There are the 3T’s: Targets, Tee Signs (and some other types of signs are included to define the course), Tees, and  standard design. Custom Designs are cost more.  You will provide a few nuts and bolts, upgrade materials for tee pads, and posts for installation of signs (we can provide these for an extra cost) for turn key.

There are multiple approaches to any project and we explain each one so you can choose the best option for your course. Our step-by-step process and on-line or phone support will guide you through the process so that you can easily install the course.  We can also offer install and turn-key in most states.

INSTALLATION can be quoted if you are interested. Let’s help you enjoy the best designs at competitive prices. Our designers are approved to use John Houck's design principles and have learned design from Houck Design.  EMAIL US or Call us at 737-262-5550 and tell us about the land you have available.

Ready to enjoy disc golf in your resort, community, school, business, or backyard?

Start having disc golf fun and enjoying the health benefits.

If you are interested in a permanent Micro Disc Golf Course, a temporary Micro Disc Golf Course, or any other type of disc golf course, including a 9- or 18-hole recreational or professional disc golf course, please EMAIL US or Call us at 737-262-5550